Introduction to NZ Sports Betting Bonuses

Most online sportsbooks will offer various incentives to attract new bettors and to keep existing bettors. These incentives predominantly take the form of betting bonuses. Many of these are offered as soon as the sign-up has been completed, as a reward to the new bettor for having joined the team, though many are also offered at various points throughout the bettor’s experience with the online sportsbooks.

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Here are a few of the most common sports betting offers available online:

Free Bet Bonuses

A free bet bonus allows a bettor to place a bet without taking the risk of losing money. Free bet bonuses do not require a deposit, but they will generally only be provided after bettors have met the wagering requirements. These bonuses may be awarded when you bet on a specific event, such as a World Cup, or for a race that’s being promoted by the sportsbook in an effort to draw attention to it.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is probably the most lucrative online betting bonus, and many bettors will choose an online sportsbook depending entirely on what sort of welcome bonus the respective sportsbook offers.

Most commonly, the welcome bonus is only received after bettors have made their first deposit, and is usually a percentage of the amount deposited. If the welcome sports betting bonus is not a percentage of the deposit, then it will generally just be a smaller bonus amount that bettors will receive, as referred to below.

While the welcome bonus is used as an incentive to attract new bettors, it also acts as a way of ensuring that bettors will begin with a larger bankroll as their percentage reward will then be so much higher.

Cash Bonuses

Another online betting bonus that is quite popular is the cash bonus. These are also offered when new bettors sign up, but do not act as a percentage bonus. Instead, this sports betting bonus is simply a fixed amount that bettors will receive as an initial online betting bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses

Another one of the most common betting bonuses is the no deposit bonus. Like the betting offers described above, this is also an initial sign-up or welcome bonus, but does not require the better to have already deposited any funds. Instead, the no deposit online betting bonus will be deposited into the bettor’s account before any deposit is made, enabling the bettor to place a few initial bets.

Since these betting bonuses are offered for free, they are usually quite small. Nonetheless, they are still great for bettors, and they can even be offered at other times as well, such as during special events and occasions, on anniversaries, and as part of a promotion.  For example, if a major tournament is taking place, the online sportsbook may reward all of their existing bettors with a no deposit bonus, which might convince them to take further bets.

Even though no deposit bonuses are lucrative, they generally come with challenging wagering requirements, which bettors will need to fulfil.

Reload Bonuses

The reload bonus will operate similarly as the initial percentage-based welcome bonus, and will be applied to any reloads a bettor makes. The percentage offered is generally quite a bit lower than with the initial sign-up bonus.

Some sportsbooks give reload bonuses whenever bettors reload funds into their account, but some only offer reload bonuses during special promotions or events.