Novelty Betting

If you are an avid sports punter, you will know that online betting websites offer a wide range of betting markets in every shape and form. From cricket to golf, rugby to tennis, horse racing to soccer and just about every sport in-between.

While the bigger sports generally attract the most bets, online sports betting sites also offer financial betting, election betting, entertainment betting and novelty betting. Of the three, novelty betting is perhaps the most interesting, and offers punters a unique opportunity to pull in some big wins.

So what is novelty betting and how does it work? Unlike general sports betting, novelty bets can include any local or international event, any social media event, news items, celebrities, British Royals, television programs or just about any subject that catches the country’s attention.

Novelty bets are generally fixed odds and can either be placed months in advance as future bets or hours before the event. Like all fixed odds bets, the odds set at the time of betting is what the punter will be paid out regardless of how the odds change closer to the event.

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Novelty Betting Examples

Let’s take a look at a few examples of novelty bets. Since the scope of novelty betting is so large, many of the bets come from television or celebrities. A popular bet is which actor or actress will win the Oscar this year, or who will pick up best supporting actor, or actress.

Closer to home, novelty bets can be placed on which contestant will win Big Brother or which national Twitter account will have the most tweets by the end of the year. The Eurovision song contest is also a popular item for novelty betting with punters getting their bets in as soon as the contestants are announced.

Novelty betting can cover a broad spectrum of events from the winner of the Man Booker prize to which celebrity will have a baby this year. Royal betting is always on the go with the name of the next Royal birth or the sex of the baby all up for betting.

Novelty bets can also extend into the sports industry, a good example being whether a prominent cricketer will keep his dyed hair for the full series or change the colour before the series is complete.

A Different Type of Betting Experience

In relation to sports betting, novelty bets can actually be seen as a whole different type of bet altogether. With sports betting, punters can look up previous matchups, team fitness, coaching changes and other information that can give them a heads up on how a particular match will turn out. With Novelty betting, most of the bets have no real lead up information, making it more difficult to pick a winner.

In some cases, punters can check look up former winners and form an idea of what will happen next. In general though, novelty bets are more difficult to place and subsequently offer very good odds. Punters who want to try something a little different and keep abreast of celebrity and current affairs can increase their betting sphere and make some decent money in the process.