Fixed Odds Betting NZ

Fixed odds online betting is becoming more and more popular amongst punters in New Zeeland due to the transparency factor. This betting tool announces the odds before you bet, so if your odds on a specific sports event is 2 to 1 you know that should you win, you will take home your original bet amount as well as 2 times your wager.

This type of fixed betting NZ techniques is very popular in sport betting circles, especially with horseracing, cricket, rugby and football matches. Since the odds are usually set quite high against the underdogs of any given event, this creates ample opportunity to use your fixed odds online betting technique to cash in on the underdogs when you do your homework well.

Since fixed odds betting is very popular in the fixed betting NZ sports scene, you might use this betting technique when your favourite team plays their next big match. The key to optimising your chances is to not make impulsive decisions and to do proper research on the match and the statistics around the teams and punters before placing your money on just any team. There are many fixed betting NZ sites available online which offer match statistics and very good betting advise on specific events. Do yourself a favour and visit a few of these sites to familiarise yourself with the event you want to bet on as well as the fixed odds betting process.

Best Fixed Odds In NZ

TOP SITESJune 2024
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3 IE allowed4.8/5100% Match Bet now
4 IE allowed4.7/5Login to see promotions Bet now

Punters should always be very cautious to never bet with their heats. Always bet with your brain and do not make a bet based on emotion.

Another golden piece of advice is to keep some sort of record of all your bets over a specific period of time. This information allows you to analyse your betting patterns and give you insight on how much money you are spending on fixed odds online betting sites.

How Does The Bookie Compile Fixed Odds?

Bookies will review the sports event and based on what they know about the contestants and the circumstances surrounding the event. From all this information a book is compiled with odds that is placed against each team. This book will be published on the fixed odds online betting site well before the event, and now this gives punters the opportunity to make a bet.

Various Types Of Odds Offered

There are currently 3 types of odds in the online betting industry, of which fixed odds betting is by far the most popular one.

Fractional odds is a method whereby the player will get paid out a fraction relative to the player’s stake amount. This calculation and the fraction pertaining to actual pay outs vary from one bet to another. If you opt to play by this method, make sure that you understand how this works before betting.

Another betting method is called decimal odds. In this method the reckoning is that your winnings will be valued at your wager plus fractional adds proportioned by the decimal value thereof.