Horse Racing Betting Guide New Zealand

Horse racing betting is extremely popular in New Zealand, with millions taking part on a regular basis. If you’re new to online betting on horse races, or a veteran, check out our comprehensive guide. You’ll find useful information on how horse race betting works, as well as horse racing tips and other valuable details. When you’re ready, you can sign up at an online bookie and put down a few bets of your own.

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Types of Horse Racing Odds

The first step in understanding horse racing betting is understanding horse racing odds. Horse racing odds are extremely important, indicating not only how much a successful bet will pay but also the chances of that bet succeeding. For New Zealand horse racing betting, decimal and fractional odds are most common.

Decimal Odds

Decimal horse racing odds appear as something like 2.00. 2.00 odds indicate that a bet of $1 will pay a profit of $1, assuming the bet is a success. That’s the original $1 bet plus $1 in profit. All odds between 1.00 and 2.00 indicate a horse that is a favourite. Remember, in online horse race betting, it is always a matter of risk versus reward.

Fractional Odds

Fractional horse racing odds are also common in New Zealand. Like decimal horse racing odds, the base unit is $1. 10/1 odds indicate that a bet of $1 will pay $10. That’s the original $1 stake plus $10 profit.

Top 7 Common Horse Betting Types

You might already want to register at an online bookie and start playing, but let’s first take a look at common horse betting types. There is, of course, more to horse betting than simply choosing a horse to win. Though, this is an option. Let’s take a look at the most common horse race betting types and get an idea of how they work.

The To-Win Bet

In horse betting, a To-Win bet is the most common. This is putting a bet on a horse To-Win. If that horse wins, you’ll get a payout according to the indicated odds. Keep in mind that a To-Win bet is a fairly long shot. Which is to say, you don’t have to choose a horse To-Win in order to get a payout.

The Place Bet

In horse betting, another common choice is a Place bet. With a Place bet, your chosen horse must come first or second. In either case, you will get a payout. However, note that the odds are lower than a To-Win bet. Hence, payouts are also lower.

The Show Bet

With a Show bet, your chosen horse must come first, second, or third.

The Eachway Bet

This is actually a pair of bets. You bet on a horse to Place or To-win, with a bigger payout given should the horse win.

The Quinella Bet

With a Quinella bet, you select a pair of horses to come first and second, in any order.

The Exacta Bet

An Exacta bet is similar to a Quinella bet, except it only pays if the horses are in the right order.

The Trifecta Bet

With a Trifecta bet, a very long bet, you select the horse that will come first, second and third, in the exact order.

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Factors Influencing Horse Racing Betting

Now you know how horse racing betting works and how horse racing odds work. It’s time to talk about approaching online horse race betting the smart way. You are, of course, free to approach horse racing betting for fun. But did you know you can dramatically increase the chances of making a successful bet? How? By doing research.

Horse racing betting pros look at information such as horse form, jockeys and trainers, as well as recent statistical data. All of this information, on a number of levels, can influence a successful bet. Horse form is perhaps the most important. In horse race betting, a horse’s important information is freely available. Details such as the horse’s pedigree, as well as its recent performance, are very important. Keep in mind that if a horse is performing well in general, chances are it will keep performing well.

Jockey and trainer information is also very important. Certain trainers are known to produce excellent racing horses, meaning that you can expect big things from horses under a specific trainer. The same goes for jockeys. Contrary to popular belief, the jockey is almost as important in horse betting as the horse itself.

What about track conditions? Yes, the condition of the racecourse can also influence the outcome. If you want to be smart in horse betting, take all of the above into account before you put down money. Only when you’re confident you can choose a winner, head over to an online bookie and register for an account. However, don’t forget that you can also get free horse racing tips.

Strategies for Successful Horse Racing Betting

Now, what about good horse betting strategies? You might now have a better idea of how to choose a winner, but how do you actually approach horse racing betting itself? Yes, there are a number of great strategies that can help you win more for every bet.

The Martingale Strategy is very popular in New Zealand horse racing betting. With the Martingale, you double your betting amount if a bet fails. Keep doing so until a bet succeeds. When the bet succeeds, return to your starting bet amount and do the same process over. You can also try out Fibonacci betting and Value betting.

Whichever horse betting strategies you choose, be sure to bet smart and manage your money carefully. Also, keep in mind that when you register with a trusted online bookie like Ladbrokes New Zealand, there will be promotions and other special rewards to help you get the most out of every bet.

Best Horse Racing Betting Events

Now that you know how to approach horse racing betting on every level, which events are popular in horse betting? In New Zealand and Australia, there are numerous popular events that deserve consideration. Here are some of the most popular horse racing betting events in New Zealand.

The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is a 3,200-meter race for three-year-old set-weight thoroughbred horses and older. The event is extremely prestigious, attracting some of the best trainers from around the world and Melbourne Cup betting is one of the biggest annual draws for Kiwi punters online.

The New Zealand Cup

This is equally as prestigious, boasting a $ 1 million grand prize. Unlike the Melbourne Cup, the New Zealand Cup is not only for thoroughbreds, making it a much more accessible event.

The Wellington Cup

This is another prestigious event accessible only to Group 3 thoroughbred horses. The event takes place annually.

The Auckland Cup

This massive horse racing event attracts major horse racing betting from New Zealand punters online. The Auckland Cup is for Group 2 Thoroughbreds, taking place on a 3,200-meter racecourse.

The New Zealand Derby

This is a huge horse racing event that literally brings New Zealand to a standstill. The Derby is for set-weight thoroughbreds and takes place on a short racecourse, with each animal running 2,400 meters. The New Zealand Derby includes NZ Derby Day, meaning that every New Zealander is given an opportunity to participate in a bit of horse racing betting.

Of course, if you want to stake on any of these big racing events, all you have to do is sign up with a reputable online bookie. Each bookie is sure to have attractive horse racing betting opportunities. You can also look into some of the many horse race betting opportunities in Australia. Like New Zealand, Australia also thrives on horse racing betting.

Highlight major horse racing events in New Zealand, such as the New Zealand Derby, Wellington Cup, and Auckland Cup.

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Stay Informed About Horse Racing Betting

As you get ready to sign up and start putting down bets, remember that it is very important to stay up-to-date with your information. Horse racing betting relies heavily on having up-to-date info, so be sure that you’re always keeping track of the latest horse betting news and horse racing tips. Thankfully, there are multiple official horse betting sites and outlets. Bookmark reputable horse racing betting sites, check them often and keep track of important data and information. Never forget that an informed betting pro is a successful betting pro.


Horse racing betting is great entertainment, and you can approach it as you prefer. However, horse racing betting pros go the extra mile. By researching important information, you can increase your chances of betting successfully. Details such as horse form, track conditions, trainer and jockey skills, and more give important clues. You can also look at horse racing tips from pros. With the right information, you can approach horse racing betting like a professional. The right information, plus applying horse racing betting strategies, can greatly improve your winning odds. However you decide to bet, always manage your money carefully and only bet with money you can afford to lose.

Horse Racing Betting FAQs

How can I research a horse's recent form and performance?

Sportsbooks. There are numerous helpful sites, including official horse racing betting outlets, that provide information about the horses.

What impact do jockeys and trainers have on horse racing outcomes?

Very important. Contrary to popular belief, trainers and jockeys are as important in horse racing betting as the horses themselves. Research which jockeys and trainers are the most prolific.

What are some tips for newcomers to horse racing betting in New Zealand?

Basic horse racing betting tips: research horse form, pay attention to jockeys and trainers, don’t just consider favourites, and always manage your money carefully. Also, don’t forget that free tips are available from expert tipsters.

How do I calculate potential winnings based on different bet types and odds?

Sportsbooks calculate this. In horse racing betting, the odds always determine how much is paid out for a successful bet. Hand bet calculators are available for free online.

Are there any resources for learning more about horse racing handicapping and betting strategies?

There are numerous free online sources available that provide more information on handicapping and betting strategies. Do a bit of Googling, and you’ll find all the information you need.