Four New Members for the IESF and NZ Recognition

The International eSports Federation recently announced new member federations from Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Colombia. The New Zealand arm was already a member but has now also been confirmed as the national organisation for eSports in this country. While the IESF currently includes 56 nations, the political landscape for the ….

NZ Esports Federation Gets National Recognition

After being assessed by Sport New Zealand, the NZ Esports Federation has been named as this country’s national esports sporting organisation. After the four-year process, we’ve become the first country in the world to have a national body like this. Thanks to their new-found recognition, the NZESF now has clarity ….

Dota 2 International Bad Start To First Day

The Dota 2 International 2018 tournament is officially underway, but the first day didn’t go as organisers had expected. Various outages and interruptions during the matches caused outcry among viewers, eventually prompting Valve to release a tweet apologising for the spotty service. Despite the apology, many feel that a tournament ….

Best of eSports: Perfect World Masters

Perfect World Masters Set to Thrill The Perfect World Masters is a Dota 2 event and will be held in Shanghai, China, on November 19th.  The event will serve as a qualifier for The International 2018 and boasts a prize pool of $300,000.00.  Ten teams will be hoping to tally ….

The Wait Is Over: LOL World Championship

League Of Legends World Championship  It has been over a month’s worth of blood and sweat and unforgiving competition and now, finally, only two teams remain to battle it out for the ultimate honour: League of Legends World Champions 2017. The finals will be played on 4 November at the ….

CS:GO November 4: Battle Of The Rivals

Euronics Gaming Vs Alternate Attax – 4 November  It’s a story of as rival as rivals go – the story of Euronics Gaming vs. Alternate Attax.  The ESL Winter Championships is well under way and a new points system and newly introduced rounds are bound to mix it up going ….

LoL Worlds An eSports first For Australia

History In The Making with League Of Legends  September 23rd will see the LG Dire Wolves tying Australia to the pages of eSport history when they become the first team from down under to compete in the League of Legends World Championships.  The League Of Legends World Championships is the ….

Dota 2 Time – The International 2017

Invictus Gaming Takes The Western Bull By Its Horns The Chinese teams have shown why they do the very positive stereotype of being brilliant masterminds proud, on the 1st day of Dota 2 – The International 2017.  Legendary Chinese team Invictus Gaming went first up against EU-based Team Liquid – ….

Dota 2- What Landmarks Are Made Of

Welcome To Dota 2 – The International 2017 Dota 2 – The International 2017 has officially surpassed the eight-digit prize money mark.  The 23 Million US Dollars prize money kitty will ensure that the winning team for 2017 will be going home with a mind-blowing 10 Million US Dollars – ….

TBS To Broadcast Dota 2 Championships

Landmark Move For Dota 2 In a landmark move for Dota 2, TBS has announced it will be broadcasting Eleague: Road to the International Dota 2 Championships, officially kicking off on August 4th.  Professional gamers will be battling it out for a never before seen prize pool of 21 Million ….