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John McEnroe, Steffi Graf, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic to name but a few of the tennis champions that have risen to the top of this great game. Whomever punters in New Zealand support though they will find that when betting is involved the love of their favourites may not always be the wisest bet. But the best part of online tennis betting is watching and supporting the great games and tournaments whilst also having the occasional wager and perhaps winning huge. Punters will enjoy the rally between picking with their heart and picking with their brain, but throughout it all the games, tennis bets and atmosphere will be exhilarating.

Tennis betting will offer players all sorts of forms of wagers, with tennis bets on outcomes of tournaments, matches, sets, games and even specific points. With a variety like this and games held throughout the calendar year and around the world punters will have their hands full tennis betting, watching and winning. The four major tournaments to look out for are the Australian and US open, Roland Garros and of course the famous Wimbledon. There are also various other tournaments other than the grand slam four including tennis at the Olympics. So whichever tennis surface or level punters favour they can be rest assured there is a whole range of great tennis betting available for it.

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To those unfamiliar with this sport the general idea is that two sides of a court, separated by a net, hit a fuzzy yellow ball at each other as hard and accurately as they can until one side misses or hits the ball out of bounds. The reason the word sides has been used instead of individuals is because punters will also find doubles, two players on each team, an exciting betting prospect to wager on and enjoy. So with a choice between multiple competitions, multiple seeds, and even singles and doubles to find and bet on the wondrous punting adventure of lucrative online tennis betting displays its superiority as a sports betting game. Truly a wide range of possibilities await.

Tennis Bets Access and Benefits

On top of the great game, and all the tennis betting options available, punters will also find that the online sports books they can choose from here on this site will also factor into their experience. This is because the best tennis betting sites offered here give players several added benefits including lists of game statistics and even online streaming of the games. This means that the sensible punter will be able to put in a bit of homework and subsequently improve their odds of winning.

Additionally punters will be comforted by the fact that a diligent supporting staff waits at the ready to secure and protect the online betting users. New punters will also be spoiled by the best New Zealand sports books and their welcome bonuses which offer free bets and starting wallets so there is no excuse to not jump in immediately.

So join the tennis betting community today and enjoy the numerous benefits and winning opportunities available. Get involved today and select a top New Zealand sports book that we recommend, you won’t look back!