Boxing Betting Online NZ

For many New Zealand sports fans, boxing is considered to be one of the most intricate and demanding individual sports. A good boxing match is action packed battle between two contestants that tests their stamina, agility, strength and mental fortitude. It is no wonder that boxing betting has become one of the biggest betting markets in New Zealand and throughout the world. With matches held every week around the world, punters in New Zealand can go online and bet on any match no matter where or when it is being held. Here at, punters can find out all they need to get started boxing betting online the easy way with some great free sports bets on offer.

If you are new to online boxing betting, there is no need to worry. Betting on a boxing match can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it. To get started, all you need to do is get to grips with the types of boxing bets the online boxing betting sites will offer. Since a boxing match has only three outcomes, a win, a loss or a draw, boxing betting sites have found ways to increase the boxing betting opportunities by introducing prop bets and exotic bets. These types of boxing bets are more difficult to place but increase the value of a bet and make the match more interesting. In some cases, there will be multiple fights on a night’s bill. In these boxing betting situations, online bookmakers will actually take boxing bets similar to those for horse racing betting, allowing a punter to up their odds by picking the winners of multiple fights for the evening.

With boxing betting, the easiest way to get started is to predict who will win the bout. This is known as a straight win bet or a money line bet. In addition to the outright win, the more exotic boxing bets include if there will be a knockout, how many rounds the fight will last, who will land the first punch, will there will be a TKO decision and if the fight will last more than 9 rounds. In some cases the fight is an uneven match. In these instances, boxing betting sites offer over/under bets. With over/under bets, punters must bet on whether the underdog will lose by a specific margin determined by the bookmakers themselves.

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Tips for Online Boxing Bets

Online boxing betting can be a fun and lucrative way to enhance the excitement of any local or international fight. If you have never bet on a boxing match before, there are a few things to consider. Before you put your money down, you need to know the history of the fighter’s and their winning statistics. On the day there are many factors that can influence how a boxer performs. Things like location, time, fitness, injuries, and even time between fights all make a contribution to how a fight might end. If you want to know more about boxing betting or if you want to get started betting online, you can find everything you need right here. Check out our list of top-rated New Zealand boxing betting sites and get started betting today.