Melbourne Cup Betting Guide 2024

If you’re into online sports betting, chances are you’re also into Melbourne Cup Betting. New Zealanders and Australians hold the event in high regard, especially given the prestigious history of the Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup 2024 is sure to once again offer you all the exciting betting opportunities you’ve come to expect. Let’s take a closer look now at the Melbourne Cup, Melbourne Cup betting, Melbourne Cup odds, Melbourne Cup horses, Melbourne Cup tips, and much more.

Once you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to join in on horse racing betting yourself. Remember to check out horse racing tips before you put down any cash.

TOP Melbourne Cup betting SITESJuly 2024
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Understanding Melbourne Cup Betting

Before we get into the details of Melbourne Cup betting, let’s first take a closer look at the racecourse itself. The Melbourne Cup 2024 is taking place at the prestigious Flemington Racecourse. The Flemington Racecourse is perfect for Melbourne Cup horse racing, offering a full 3,200 meters of racing distance. There are 24 Melbourne Cup horses competing, though only a handful of the animals will take home glory. Remember to check out Melbourne Cup favourites in advance, which will allow you to get a better idea of which of the 24 horses is most likely to win.

Types of Melbourne Cup Bets Available

But checking out Melbourne Cup favourites is one thing, how do you actually go about placing a bet? We’ll get to Melbourne Cup betting tips later, for now, let’s look at horse racing betting options. Some of the most popular betting options include Win, Place, Show, Each-way, Quinella, Trifecta and more.

To-Win Bet

This means that you’re betting on a specific horse to win the race overall.

Place Bet

This refers to a horse you’ve chosen for the bet and they must come first or second in the race.

Show Bet

This type of bet on the Melbourne cup means that your chosen horse must come first, second or third place in the race.

Each-Way Bet

This means that you’re betting on the horse to come first or to place. You pay more upfront, but with extra payouts, assuming the horse comes first.

Quinella Bet

This type of bet is only recommended if you’re familiar with Melbourne Cup betting. A Quinella bet means that you’re specifying which horses will come first and second, though not in a specific order. This is a long-shot bet.

Trifecta Bet

This is an extremely long shot and really only for those very confident about their Melbourne Horse racing skills. A Trifecta bet requires that you predict the horses that will come first, second and third in the exact order. The chances of getting this bet are very slim, but the payouts are also exceptional, assuming you manage to win.

You can join in and be a part of the action. Just sign up, explore some betting options, and try and pick a winner! Betting options are available online or at the Flemington Racecourse.

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Research Horses & Jockeys For Melbourne Cup Betting

Melbourne Cup betting is fun, but horse betting also benefits from research. For example, taking a closer look at the Melbourne Cup field can help you decide which horses will perform better. You can also explore a Melbourne Cup guide, which will give valuable information on horse betting details in general. But what about the horses and the jockeys?

Simply looking at the Melbourne Cup horses and placing bets based on name is one thing, but doing real research is something else entirely. Remember, all information, from Melbourne Cup odds to Melbourne Cup betting tips, is available online. You can also research the horses that will participate, as well as the jockeys that will ride each horse. However, whether you decide to look at this information is optional. Just remember that the best Melbourne Cup betting happens when you put in the effort.

Horse Pedigree

First and foremost, you can look into the pedigree of each horse. The best Melbourne Cup horses have a long, carefully recorded pedigree. This means that you can investigate each animal’s bloodline in detail. At the Melbourne Cup, the best-performing horses are often those with a strong bloodline. Look into this information yourself to get a better idea of how Melbourne Cup horses will perform.

Jockeys Performance

Some horses are seen as Melbourne Cup favourites. But, often, the jockey makes just as big a difference. A jockey can get maximum performance out of a horse, depending on skill, or sometimes can unintentionally handicap a horse. Simply put, Melbourne Cup horse racing is as much about the rider as it is about the horse. You can check out a Melbourne Cup guide, see the names of every jockey, and research each jockey in detail. Like the Melbourne Cup horses, jockeys also have their performance statistics freely available. Before you get started with sports betting on horses, consider all available information. Only when you’re confident about reading all available information should you make a bet.

Track Conditions

Racecourse conditions are overlooked by amateurs when it comes to Melbourne Cup betting. But in many cases, track conditions make a big difference. Some Melbourne Cup horses perform better in dry weather, while others are perhaps more used to wet conditions. It all comes into play.

If you’re unsure about choosing a winning horse, remember that Melbourne Cup betting tips are available online. Tipsters are professionals who give advice completely free of charge.

Analyse Form & Statistics For Melbourne Cup Betting

When researching Melbourne Cup horses, pros study the animal’s form. When talking about horse form, we’re discussing previous performance and past statistics. Hence, Melbourne Cup form research is very important. The plus side is that you can easily find a Melbourne Cup form guide online, allowing you to get all the information you need with ease.

Simply put, when reading a Melbourne Cup form guide, you’re getting a solid glimpse into the past of each animal. If Melbourne Cup horses have a good history of performance, chances are they will carry that performance into the Melbourne Cup 2024. However, when looking at Melbourne Cup form, keep in mind distances, track conditions and jockeys. Some horses sprint well but don’t go the distance. Other horses start slow but have stamina in distance. You must take all of this into account when doing your research. Before you sign up and start betting, take into account these tips for researching Melbourne Cup form.

  • In Melbourne Cup betting, pros pay attention to trainers and jockeys first. The best trainers only work with promising horses, meaning that if a trainer boasts a good reputation, chances are they are not looking to ruin that reputation by working with poor-performing horses.
  • Once you identify the best trainers, look at the statistics of the horses those trainers are responsible for. You’re now in the winning zone of the Melbourne Cup 2024.
  • Keep in mind that as horses age to their peak, performance tends to get stronger and faster. If a horse did well in the Melbourne Cup of last year and is still young, chances are performance is going to increase.
TOP Melbourne Cup betting SITESJuly 2024
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 NZD Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5Up to $60 NZD Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/5100% Match Bet now
4 IE allowed4.7/5Login to see promotions Bet now

Understand Melbourne Cup Betting Odds

The core of all horse racing betting is the odds. When horse betting, you must take into account odds, given that odds determine not only how likely a bet is to succeed but also how much money you’ll receive. Melbourne Cup odds are, therefore, a major deciding factor. Simply put, all Melbourne Cup horse betting comes down to the odds assigned to the horses.

Current 2024 Melbourne Cup 3200m (All In) Odds On Ladbrokes

Odds PositionRunnerWinPlace
3Francesco Guardi103.25
5Desert Hero134
7Lunar Flare154.5
8Tower Of London154.5
9West Wind Blows154.5
10Without A Fight154.5

For New Zealanders, Melbourne Cup odds appear in their decimal form. An example of decimal odds is 2.0. With 2.0 odds, if you bet $1, you will receive $2 if the bet wins. That’s your original $1 bet plus $1 in profit. In the case of 2.0 odds, this is a favourite bet to win. The payouts are low, indicating low risk versus reward. In Melbourne Cup betting odds, anything between 1.0 and 2.0 indicates a favourite.

Determine The Favourites

But who determines which Melbourne Cup horses are favourites? The short answer is that bookies make this determination. Bookies do their own research, thereby seeing who they think is the most likely to win horses. If they see Melbourne Cup horses that are likely to win, taking into account statistics and past performance, they label that horse a favourite. The favourite horses are then given favourite odds to win.

Weights And Handicaps

But isn’t Melbourne Cup betting simply a case of signing up with a bookie and betting on the favourite to win? Horse racing odds do give an idea of the favourite horses, but you must also take handicapping into account. The Melbourne Cup is a handicap race. This means that the best-performing horses are handicapped, thereby evening out the playing field. Handicapping means that weight is added to a horse, slowing performance and allowing slower horses a chance to win.

Odds Fluctuations

Horse racing odds can fluctuate depending on circumstances. Bookies can and will change odds as time advances, taking into account new information. Check the Melbourne Cup line up, find your favourites, and then watch the odds carefully. Melbourne Cup horse racing evolves as time passes, and bookies will change odds as they get a better idea of the situation. As long as you keep a Melbourne Cup sports betting guide handy, and are up to date on the latest odds, you’ll make the smartest bet.

Top Melbourne Cup Tips

Are you looking for Melbourne Cup betting tips? Are you looking for Melbourne Cup tips for a Trifecta bet? If you aren’t, you should be. Horse racing tips are freely available and give enormous information on how the professionals are feeling about Melbourne horse racing in general. If you want a Melbourne Cup result you’re happy with, look to the professional tipsters. It is, however, a good idea to look at a tipster’s history. Check Melbourne Cup 2022 horses’ tips, see which tipsters got it right, and give them due respect.

Though, if you research as much as the pro tipsters, you can make your own decisions. Let’s take a look at a few horse racing tips you can put into practice yourself. Before you sign up and make your bet, ensure that you’ve taken into account the following.

  • In Melbourne Cup betting, a golden rule of thumb is to let recent history be your guide. Look at the most recent statistics of horses and jockeys and put that information front and centre.
  • Many Melbourne Cup betting amateurs only pay attention to the favourites. Investigating Melbourne Cup favourites is a good place to start, but you must look beyond the favourites for a full understanding of the options. Investigate horse tips for a broader idea of alternative betting options.
  • Compare tipster observations to your own research. If you and a tipster are agreeing on information, pay closer attention to that tipster.

Common Melbourne Cup Betting Mistakes

In horse racing betting, it’s a good idea to also avoid the biggest mistakes. Here are a few common Melbourne Cup horse racing betting mistakes you must avoid at all costs.

  • Only betting on the most common bets and ignoring exotic bets is a mistake. Consider Box Betting exotic bets to cover all angles.
  • In horse betting, following the crowd is also a mistake. Just because the crowd thinks a bet is a good idea, it doesn’t mean it is.
  • Not shopping for the best horse racing odds is another mistake. Check multiple online bookies, compare odds, and only sign up and bet when you’re happy.

Strategies for Melbourne Cup Betting

Now that you’ve got a good idea of odds, research, and how to learn from tipsters, you’re probably keen to register with a bookie and make your first bet. Great, but before you do, let’s first talk about Melbourne Cup betting strategies. There is, after all, a difference between understanding how to research effectively and how to engage in Melbourne Cup betting with a strategy.

Choose The Right Bet

While it is a good idea to vary your Melbourne Cup betting, you’re probably better off sticking to simple bets if you’re a beginner. If you’re completely unfamiliar with horse racing betting, start by putting down a To-win bet, Place bet, or Show bet. Once you’re more comfortable with horse racing betting in general, expand to more exotic betting options.

Diversifying Betting

Speaking of diversifying betting, keep in mind that you can put multiple bets on every Melbourne Cup race. Consider pairing a large Show bet with a modest long-shot or exotic bet. The chances that the exotic bet pays out are low, but worth it if your Show bet has a high chance of success. Offsetting long shots with safe bets is a good strategy.

Manage Money & Expectations

No matter which strategy you choose for Melbourne Cup betting, remember to carefully manage your money. Don’t bet with money you can’t afford to lose, and always keep your winnings separate from your bankroll. Also, always approach horse racing betting with realistic expectations. There is a good chance you won’t win any of your bets, so stay smart and bet wisely.

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Stay Informed with Live Updates

Lastly, remember that Melbourne Cup betting pros always stay up to date – you can find great news and live updates at the top recommended sportsbooks. You can get the latest news, such as Melbourne Cup results, Melbourne Cup tips, and all the latest horse racing odds, at online sites. There are numerous reliable sites for New Zealanders, all with up-to-date information. Keep visiting these sites, and keep your information fresh. Remember that an up-to-date betting pro is always far more likely to win bets. Even a small news update can mean the difference between winning and losing. When you sign up and start betting, ensure that you have all the information you need.


Melbourne Cup betting, and horse racing betting in general, is great entertainment. But smart horse betting pros do research before putting down money. You must take into account important factors like horse pedigree, jockey performance records, and Melbourne Cup field conditions. You can also get valuable information in the form of horse racing tips. Melbourne Cup betting tips are available for free online. Also, be sure to bet smart and to only bet with money you can afford to lose.

Register now with an online bookie, do your research, and get in on the Melbourne Cup betting action now. You can also bet on the best horse racing events around the world at our top recommended sportsbooks now.

Melbourne Cup Betting FAQs

How do I pick a horse to bet on in the Melbourne Cup?

Research. If you want to participate in Melbourne Cup betting, you can pick a horse simply by name. You can also research, check Melbourne Cup betting tips, explore a Melbourne Cup form guide, and bet with deeper knowledge.

Are there any recommended online betting platforms in New Zealand for the Melbourne Cup?

Ladbrokes New Zealand is the top option. There are many reputable New Zealand online betting platforms for Melbourne Cup betting. Explore bookie options and settle on a site you feel comfortable with.

How do I calculate potential winnings for different bet types in the Melbourne Cup?

Sportsbooks Determine this. Payouts are always calculated according to the odds. If you’re making combination bets, you can find handy bet calculators online that help determine group betting payouts.

What are the odds for the top contenders in the Melbourne Cup?

For 2024, Ladbrokes lists Grade 1-winning hurdler Vauban as having the best odds, with 7.00 to win, and 2.50 to place. Odds for Melbourne Cup favourites fluctuate over time. It’s best that you manually check the odds of favourite horses leading up to the Melbourne Cup 2024.


Melbourne Cup 2024
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November 7, 2024
The Melbourne Cup is widely seen as Australia’s most prestigious horse racing event. Thoroughbred horses, aged 3 and up, compete to claim the crown. Flemington Racecourse stands at a length of 3,200 meters.
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