Antonio Brown Suspended For Vaccine Fraud

The NFL has reportedly suspended Bucs wide receiver Antonio Brown for violating health and safety protocols. Also suspended on Thursday were Brown’s teammate Mike Edwards, as well as free agent John Franklin III. The latter will not be able to play in the next three games even if he were ….

Aaron Rodgers Admits To Misleading Comments

While Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers admitted this week to having had misled certain people about his vaccination status before testing positive, he added that he remains firm behind his comments about why he hasn’t been vaccinated. Speaking on Tuesday on a leading sports show, Rodgers said he accepts ….

NFL’s Chris Jones Wants US$20m to Play

Chris Jones is an outstanding defensive lineman for Super Bowl champions The Kansas City Chiefs and the team has until the 15th of this month to work out a way to hold on to him. Jones wants US$20 million per year or he won’t play and if the squad doesn’t ….

Legends Captains Announced For Pro Bowl

Gearing Up for the 2018 Pro Bowl The Pro Bowl has faced many a challenge in the past.  Even sudden death when in 2012 Commissioner Roger Goodell went as far as suggesting complete elimination of the game.  On a less dramatic note, the Pro Bowl is also constantly being shaken ….

Wentz Seals The Deal For The Eagles

Carson Wentz Is Monday Night Football  There’s no denying it: Carson Wentz is the unstoppable force of Monday night football.  The Philadelphia Eagles’ star quarterback really diced things up for a seemingly unsuspecting Washington.  It was difficult getting off the ground at first, but as soon as he got going, ….

Patriots Recover As Atlanta Folds

Tom Brady Finally Catches A Breather  By the end of Sunday night’s brawl it had become abundantly clear that the Falcons are but a shadow of their former selves.  After all, it takes a lot of (un)doing to lose the first overtime contest in the history of Super Bowl. For ….

NFL Excitement Mounts As Season Progresses

Minnesota Vikings Vs Chicago Bears – 10 October   This was in many ways a case of getting a whipping even before the ball is properly in play, for the Bears in anyway.  It was a real struggle to gain yards right from the start, with Jordan Howard trying to plough ….

Get Ready For An Exciting NFL Week 5

This Week In The NFL  Week 5 of the NFL season promises to be more of the same edge-of-the-seat action that we have seen this far.  We take a look at some of the battles being fought this week. New England Patriots Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 6 October Friday ….

The Start of the NFL – What we know so far?

NFL Season Start – What We’ve Learned So Far?  We are two weeks into the NFL season and already we can see a few patterns emerging. After week 1, everyone was on their feet predicting the end of NFL defence and possible draft for the 2018. While it is a ….

Hurricanes Threaten NFL Venues

Hurricane Season Causing NFL Reshuffles The opening of the 2017-18 NFL regular season has arrived slap-bang in the middle of hurricane season. While Kiwi punters are considering their bets for Thursday’s opening games, teams on the south coast are considering contingency plans to deal with the extreme weather. The teams ….