Golf Betting Online in NZ

The game of golf has a long and interesting history dating back to around the 15th century and perhaps even earlier. Though the history of golf may be cloudy due to its length, what isn’t obscure is the many different perks that this games betting side offers punters in New Zealand.

Now, with the online world alight with the wonders of sports betting punters will be afforded all the great perks of this great community on top of following the action of their favourite golf players. So tee off now with golf betting and all it entails.

Golf is definitely a gentlemen’s game with its formal attire and carefully crafted gameplay. But the golf betting side of the game is no less gentrified with the many different ways to wager and the fantastic winning potential. But like any sports betting game punters will do well to conduct an adequate amount of homework on the sport and its players to better their own odds.

Not just luck but skill punters will enjoy watching the game even more for the subtle intricacies that may give them a competitive edge. So first let us analyse the different types of betting varieties available to the punting community of golf betting.

The first bet to elect to wager on is the standard tournament winner bet. As the name suggests punters place their golf bets on which player they believe to win the particular tournament. The odds here vary depending on how early the bet is placed, an earlier bet winning more.

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Available Golf Bets

The next golf betting option is the 3 ball bet which again is a bet placed on a specific player but this time the group of competitors are split into groups of threes, given their respective odds in these groups and punters can then place golf bets on the players they believe will perform the best in that group. That is to say that regardless of winner of the overall tournament if the player bet on performs better than the other two in that group the layout is awarded.

The next bet is the head to head bet which is by far the most versatile of the mentioned golf bets. This is because punters select two competitors from the tournaments’ entrants of their own choosing, decide a winner of the two and wins if their selection beats the other chosen player. Obviously the odds will vary depending on the two selected but can either make for an easy small win or a closer, more risky, larger win. Punters should explore the sports books here to find more ways to play golf betting.

Sports Book Benefits

The benefits of this form of betting online doesn’t end with the game itself though. Punters in New Zealand will find the quality sport books here offer amazing additional resources to aid the enthusiast punters on their journey. This includes sign up betting bonuses for first time players as well a statistics on the different golf players and games. On top of this they offer high grade security levels and support teams to protect and help the golf betting community.

So jump in today and discover why golf has such an active betting counterpart. Enjoy the thrills and winnings that golf betting has to offer online.