Political Betting & Election Bets Guide 2024

Our political betting guide will comprehensively introduce you to the fun and real money potential of this kind of betting. Online betting on politics and elections is becoming more popular each year as people discover the entertainment value it offers. Spending time at the best political betting sites takes the excitement of election season up several notches and may put a little extra money in your pocket!

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Understanding Political Betting

Markets at the best political betting sites ask you to predict the outcome of a referendum, election, or other political event. Election betting involves placing bets on who will win or come in 2nd place in the election and whether particular policies will be rejected or passed, for example. Political online betting odds and markets are based on various factors:

  • Exit polls
  • News reports
  • Opinion polls

Gambling sites offer a range of election betting markets for you to choose from. You can select a candidate or party-specific bets or bet on the overall outcome of an election. The best betting sites in New Zealand might also offer point spreads based on how many seats a particular party wins/loses in the House of Representatives. Over/under bets are also possible at the types of New Zealand betting sites we recommend, where you can bet on how many votes the latest Te Pirimia o Aotearoa garners.

Online gambling sites use various methods to determine the probabilities of each outcome:

  • Current events
  • Demographic data
  • Opinion polls
  • Political analysis

When it comes to political betting, it’s very important that you understand that, as the date for the event approaches, odds may change based on relevant, up-to-date information. Sports betting odds are calculated with one main objective: for the bookmaker offering political betting online to get equal money on both sides of the bet. Remember, odds at the best political betting sites specify the implied probability of a certain outcome and tell you how much money you can win if this outcome occurs.

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Types of New Zealand Elections

When you’re taking part in election betting in New Zealand, you must understand how the NZ government works. For instance, did you know that the Kiwi system of government is called a representative democracy? This means that, for online betting purposes, every voter has a say on who represents them in local government and parliament. You’ll have to study what Joe Public thinks of the various parties and candidates when you’re spending time at gambling sites to take part in political betting. The best betting sites offer you the chance to bet on:

  • General elections, which occur every 3 years
  • Local body elections, which also unfold every 3 years
  • Referendums, which occur at unpredictable points in time

Betting odds are already available at betting sites for the 2024 New Zealand General Election, scheduled to unfold on the 14th of October this year. It will decide the composition of the 54th Parliament for the country. Voters like you will choose 120 members for the unicameral NZ House of Representatives under the MMP voting system. Remember this when you’re at a recommended online gambling site to make a political bet!

Each political betting event offers its own opportunities. For example, you may find you can bet on one or more of the following events:

  • Which party will win?
  • How many seats will independent candidates get?
  • Which party will get the majority of the vote?
  • Will a candidate be hit with a scandal?
  • Will a candidate get sick?

You’ll be able to choose your political betting online from 5 options:

  • The Act Party
  • The Green Party
  • The Labour Party
  • The National Party
  • Te Paati Māori.

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Popular Political Betting Markets

Some of the most popular markets at the best political betting sites include:

  • Who will be the next prime minister?
  • What will party vote shares look like?
  • What will electorate outcomes be?

But election betting options range from general bets to very specific ones. You could, for example, bet on:

  • What party will win overall?
  • Which party will succeed locally?
  • In the event of a coalition government, which particular leader will be PM?

Because most democracies have a certain number of seats to fill, online betting enthusiasts can bet on:

  • The specific number of seats that a party will win
  • The composition of the next government, or the exact split of all the seats between all parties
  • The next leader of a specific party
  • Whether or not there will be a change in leadership for a party following an election defeat or win

Political betting at gambling sites is also not necessarily restricted to politicians. Some of the best betting sites will let you bet on:

  • Voter turnout
  • Which party received the most votes, even if they failed to win
  • Mayoral elections
  • Referendums

Political betting at betting sites is fun because it is a really engaging way to reward yourself, or, if you’re unlucky, to reward others, for being able to accurately forecast important political events. Election betting at online NZ gambling sites can also be seen as an antidote to fake news. If you place your bet based on unreliable sources of information, you’re going to lose! So, informed political betting really sharpens the mind and teaches you to divorce your emotions from what’s going on around you.

If you’re already knowledgeable about the topic, political betting online can be a great outlet for the skills you already have. You get to put your knowledge to work and may make a little extra money on the side!

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Factors Influencing Political Betting

You shouldn’t be relying on chance when you’re spending time at the best political betting sites. Successful election betting draws on:

  • Human judgement
  • Knowledge of political dynamics
  • An understanding of statistics

For example, when you’re political gambling at online betting sites, you’ll need to do a lot of research and analyse data like

  • Public opinion polls
  • Demographic trends
  • Historical election results

You’ll also need to explore factors that influence political betting, like candidate performance, campaign developments, external events, and global politics. And aside from the mathematical groundwork, engaging in this form of betting at gambling sites is not an exact science. It remains a reflection of collective wisdom.

Online punters no longer need to feel alone in their betting journey. There are communities of bettors on online forums to share their insights and debate probabilities. Many bettors uer the insights from forums and online communities to make better decisions when betting online.

Probabilities and numbers inform the political choices but at the core of it, there’s a profoundly human element. Several factors influence bets:

  • Emotions
  • Individual Political beliefs
  • Perceptions
  • Personal Bias

Political betting outcomes could be considered public opinion, which makes it not just an economic phenomenon but a social one too.

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Tips for Successful Political Betting

Read on for some betting tips and strategies to use when political betting online:

Do Your Research

Aside from your own political views, when you’re election betting, you should know what other people say about the events in question. Do your homework regarding competing parties and individual candidates to view the electoral process when you’re online betting in a different light.

Stay Updated With the Latest Breaking News

Elections are unpredictable, and that’s important to remember when you’re spending time at gambling sites. A party may show a lot of promise at the beginning of its campaign but go on to lose miserably in the general election. That’s why it may be better to stay away from the best betting sites until we get closer to election day. That way, you’ll have all the most recent happenings at your fingertips before you put any money down.

Manage Your Bankroll

Before you go anywhere near betting sites, you need to set up a betting budget, which is essentially an indication of how much money you can reasonably afford to lose. The general rule thereafter is that any bet should be just a small portion of your total bankroll. For a conservative approach at an online gambling site, the unit size should be 1% to 2%.

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Legal and Responsible Betting

Political betting and online gambling, in general, are 100% legal in New Zealand, so you don’t have to worry that you’re breaking any laws. But this hobby can get out of control if you’re not following responsible gambling tenets. Avoid this kind of heartache by following these rules:

Set a Spending Limit and Stick to It

Before you start political betting online, decide what you can afford to spend, and don’t go over this amount.

Set a Time Limit

Research shows that the longer you gamble, the more money you lose. So, set a time limit at the best political betting sites and move on when you’ve reached it.

Treat Gambling as an Expense

Think of the money you spend on election betting like buying a movie ticket. You’re paying a fixed price for entertainment. Profit doesn’t come into it.

Walk Away From Your Losses

Don’t chase losses. Move on when the time/money is up.

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Top Political Betting Sites in NZ

After all this talk about online betting on politics, you’re no doubt wondering where you can get in on the action! Well, the Online Betting team has got your back, and we’ve rounded up these top gambling sites for your convenience.


The Ladbrokes online gambling site offers top banking methods with instant withdrawals and a huge number of markets. Multi-language support is available, and it stands as one of the biggest publicly-traded bookmakers in the world!

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Palmerbet, one of the best betting sites in the world, features a very user-friendly website and a highly responsive mobile betting app. It’s 100% Australian-owned and operated and offers excellent value for bettors with strong products and generous promotions.

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Picklebet, one of New Zealand’s most popular betting sites, offers political betting on a wide range of markets. The website has been intuitively designed, and the mobile betting app is very user-friendly. Customer service levels are excellent, and there’s a good variety of NZ-dollar-friendly payment options at the site.

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Political betting offers Kiwis exciting entertainment opportunities and a chance to get that much more involved in the political landscape. Remember to gamble responsibly!

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Political Betting FAQ

What is political betting?

Political betting involves placing bets on political or election events.

How are political bets settled in New Zealand?

When political betting online, bookmakers will settle wins and losses as soon as the event ends.

Can I bet on international political events from NZ?

Yes. The best political betting sites offer markets from all over the globe.

Where do sites get election betting odds?

Election betting odds are created for bookmakers by oddsmakers.

Is it legal to bet on elections in NZ?

Yes. Online betting of any kind is legal in New Zealand.