The 2018 FIFA World Cup Betting

 After the huge success of the World Cup held within Brazil in 2014, most have high hopes of the upcoming events taking place in 2018, as well as what the Russians will have in store for both fans and players heading to the country. It is an exciting time not just for the hosting country, but for the entire world, as some of the best international teams get to fight it out against each other for the chance of winning the most prized cup on the planet.

With the game preparations in full swing, and fans buying out tickets to visit Russia in 2018, another group of people are looking forward to the World Cup to take part in some of the best betting opportunities available. There is no denying that FIFA World Cup betting is some of the most exciting betting that punters can look forward to every couple of years, and the 2018 Cup should prove to be just as successful, if not more, than previous events.

Football World Cup Betting 

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Bookies have been hard at work relaying data to their bettors, including what kind of bets will be available, and the types of odds that they can expect to be linked to those bets. These are some of the most popular bets that bookies have to offer, and while all of them have been seen before in previous world cups, 2018 FIFA World Cup betting is looking to be more exciting than ever.

Outright bet: The most common of all the types of bets available, the outright is simple and straightforward, allowing bettors to take out a stake on the team they believe will win on either a single game, or overall.

Multiple/Parlay: This type of bet combines two or more others into a single, manageable stake, and while it is much riskier than some of the other, simpler bets, it does yield much higher rewards.

Accumulator: Including for our more bets, the accumulator builds up over time with each success, and if all the other bets come right for the punter, they can walk away much wealthier. This is most common among football World Cup betting seasoned punters.

Total Goals: Not as common as the others, but nonetheless a fan favourite, total goal bets involve taking out a stake on whether the total number of goals will either be below or higher than 2.5 for any given game.

First Goal: Part of the soccer World Cup betting roster, punters put money down on which team will score the first goal during a game.

FIFA World Cup Betting Odds

There are a lot of international teams taking part in the 2018 events, and despite all the teams going, there are some that remain favourites among bettors. This also means that they have lower football World Cup betting odds, such as Brazil, which has odds of 13/2. Germany is another favourite, having won the Cup four times in the past, and will be going in with odds of 11/2. France has the lowest odds of them all at 5/1, but will still be a popular choice for many.

Some of the others that take up residence on the higher end of the spectrum include the Netherlands, with current odds of about 50/1. Like with all FIFA World Cup betting, the team to bet on depends on the player, and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.