Best Soccer Betting Online NZ

Soccer is a sport that is internationally recognised by all sport fans. Played in almost every country around the world, soccer has become the most watched and bet on sport in the world. In New Zealand soccer betting is one of the biggest betting markets in the country. With online sports betting, New Zealand soccer fans can bet on any local or international soccer match at any time from any PC, laptop or mobile betting app. In the notes below we are going to explore what online betting is all about and what soccer bets can be placed.

If you are a soccer fan, you will know that one of the best things about soccer betting is the multitude of soccer bets available to online punters. In New Zealand, punters can bet on on the outcome of individual matches, tournaments and even bet on the performance of individual players. For more information on soccer bets and online betting you can find all the info you need right here at For those who are new to soccer sports betting, here is a list of the most popular online soccer bets.

  • A straight bet on which team will win the game
  • A straight bet on which team will win the tournament
  • Soccer Bets to determine who will win a series
  • Which half will have the most points scored
  • Soccer Betting on the half time or final score
  • Betting on which teams will win in the first or second half (called an Asian handicap)
  • Bets on whether there will be an odd or even number of goals scored
  • Bets to determine the total number of goals scored in the game
  • Betting on which player will score the first goal
  • Bets on which players will score the final goal of the game
  • Bets across multiple matches
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Starting Out Soccer Betting

If you are new to online betting or soccer betting, probably the best way to get started is to keep it simple. The easiest soccer bets to place is a straight bet on which team will win the match. After a few successful win/lose bets, players can then branch out into more complicated soccer bets that pay out a larger amount. If you are a serous soccer fan and you know the history of each team and the relative players statistics, you even bet on individual goal scorers or the number of goals scored in the match.

Before You Place Soccer Bets

If a punter knows that a specific team performs better in the first or second half, they can try out Asian handicap betting which splits the game into first and second half betting. While almost every player has a favourite team, soccer betting is all about statistics and knowing the current winning teams. Before placing any soccer bets, a punter should always get as much information as possible to make an accurate prediction. Things like injuries, away games, home games, and weather all play an important role on the day. If you want to know more about soccer betting, or you are looking for the best New Zealand online betting sites, you can find all you need right here at