Champion’s Tour Money List 2017

July 16, 2017 by

It’s All About The Money

Brightest stars in the golfing sky with diamonds – this may have been an apt and befitting description of the players resident in the top 3 positions on the Champion’s Tour Money List 2017 – had the elegy been authored by The Beatles, of course.   But the Beatles probably did not have golf in mind and the golden list of money-maker’s is certainly nowhere near being inspired by a nursery school drawing.

Instead, the annual Champion’s Tour Money List is an on going record of the players who are in the financial lead at any given time – all as a result of winning, of course.  One could even be as bold as to declare the Money List to be the prime indicator of success or failure as far as the Champion’s Tour is concerned.

Profile Of A Money Making Man

One win does not a Money List-er make.  Is it possible to accurately predict whom the players will be to make up the Money List during any given year?  Perhaps by looking at the player profiles of those currently occupying the prime positions on the Champion’s Tour Money List 2017, and what these players have in common with one another, one would be able to come to a reasonable conclusion as to what sets these men apart from the rest of the golfing world.

Some Call It Age – We Call It Experience

All three of the men occupying the top 3 positions on the Champion’s Tour Money List 2017 are between the ages of 57 and 60.  A very small margin indeed.  The first common denominator as far as the A-list goes then – extensive experience.

Major Championship Wins

At least two of our three profiles, Langer and Couples, have one or more Major Championship wins under the belt.  Our man Langer won the Masters Tournament in 1985 as well as 1993.  Couples pulled the same rabbit from the hat in 1992.

PGA Tour Wins

All three – Langer, Couples and Perry – have reigned victorious at the PGA Tour, and a number of times to boot.  German player Bernhard Langer won the PGA Tour a total number of 3 times, American Kenny Perry did so a whopping 14 times and American Fred Couples, 15 times.

Also, something can apparently be said for being American (just kidding).

The Mathematics Of It All

The equation is a simple one – the more you win, the more you earn.  Looking at a player’s profile throughout his career, combined with recent game developments, is a reasonably clear indicator of the state of the Champion’s Tour Money List for any year to come.

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