2017 A Breath Of New Life For Boxing

A Lot To Look Forward To 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for boxing – despite concerns that the sport has lost its appeal.  The role that the Money Fight has played in the build-up of excitement and renewal of passion for the sport cannot be denied ….

Terence Crawford Vs Julius Indongo

Undefeated Is The Word Another big one approaches: Terence Crawford vs. Julius Indongo, in Nebraska.  Both men are undefeated champions.  This – the undefeated factor –  seems to be the making of real magic, as attested to by the absolute hype around the Mayweather/McGregor spectacle ahead of August 26. “The ….

August 26 Fight Finally On The Big Money

McGregor Just Keeps Breaking The System With just short of 12 days to go until what many have hailed as the fight of the Century, the Conor McGregor / Floyd Mayweather Jr stand-off set for August 26 has finally done what we all knew it was capable of doing: bring ….

Malignaggie Surprises By Changing Sides

Paulie Malignaggie Changes His Tune It would seem that the circus that is the McGregor – Mayweather press conference has had some alternative use yet:  former Boxing World Champion Paulie Malignaggie has said that after experiencing Connor McGregor’s levels of confidence first-hand, he now believed that the Irishman could in ….

Mayweather & McGregor At It In Toronto

Controversial Run Up to McGregor/Mayweather Fight Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor were at it again at last night’s press conference in Toronto, Canada.  The duo assailed the ears of fans with colourful profanities and even swung the insult bat at match event organisers, Showtime. Ever since the announcement was made ….