Stage 15 Uphill Battle For Kiwi Hope Bennett

The Jumble Of Emotions That Is George Bennett Stage 13 of the 2017 Tour de France was nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster – or should we say montagne russe émotionnelle – for Kiwi pro-cyclist George Bennett.  The day initially kicked off on a positive note when cycling’s judiciary body ….

Froome Loses Yellow To Aru during 12th Stage

Yellow Belongs To New Leader Chris Froome will probably not remember Stage 12 of the 2017 Tour de France as his best yet – because, well, it wasn’t.  Froome had to give up the yellow on Thursday, and to none other than Italian cycling champ Fabio Aru, after fighting a ….

2017 Tour de France Slippery Slide

2017 Tour de France Proving to be a Wet Ride Kiwi favourite George Bennett was off to a slippery start during the 1st Stage time trials of the 2017 Tour de France.  Having slid off his bike around a particularly treacherous corner, made even trickier by the damp conditions, Bennett ….