Greyhound Race Marks Live Sport Return

Andy McCook is under no illusions as to how lucky he is to be at the forefront of the return of live sport in New Zealand today. And, in turn, the NZ racing industry and the many who rely on it for their income are lucky to have the dogs. ….

Tom Latham Breaks the NZ Cricket Streak

The Redpath Cup for 2020 was taken home by Opener Tom Latham, breaking a seven-year streak in which this trophy was won by either Ross Taylor or Kane Williamson. This is the first time Latham’s won the annual award and did so in recognition of his scoring 608 runs in ….

Former All Blacks Weigh In on Rugby’s Future

Former All Blacks Jeff Wilson, Sir John Kirwan, and Justin Marshall have said that they support the idea of reinstating prolonged international tours that would see Test teams facing off against Provincials and Club Sides in clashes in the middle of the week. The future of Rugby the world over ….

NZ Cricket May Host Test Series Against England

Chief Executive Officer of New Zealand Cricket David Whyte has extended a generous offer to the English Cricket Board. He’s told them that we’ll host them in a Test Series if their summer fixtures get the axe due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. He said that he’d made contact ….

Elite Women’s Football May Become COVID-19 Casualty

The FIFA Chief Officer for Women’s Football, Sarai Bareman, has worked hard to raise the numbers of female athletes in the sport. One of the aspects she has focussed on is enhancing its commercial value, but she is concerned that what the success she has seen could be lost in ….

Chatham and Kate Sheppard Cups Latest COVID-19 Casualty

New Zealand Football has decided to cancel the Chatham Cup, which was first contested almost 100 years ago, in 1923, along with the Kate Sheppard Cup National Women’s Competition due to the ongoing novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Preliminary rounds for each competition were originally set to unfold over this weekend ….

T20s Not Good for Cricket Says Glenn Turner

Glenn Turner, arguably one of the finest batsmen to ever come out of New Zealand, feels that Twenty20s are pushing more significant forms of Cricket into the background. He says that the shift of power from the Board to high-profile players has hurt the game and that it now seems ….

Robertson Reveals No Sport in NZ at Level 3

Grant Robertson, New Zealand Sports Minister, has said that there’s simply no scope for this sector to start up again while we’re at Level 3. He called the National Rugby League’s proposed dates ambitious. Our government is currently debating whether or not to end the nationwide Level 4 lockdown and ….

COVID-19 Hits NZ Rugby Players’ Wallets Hard

New Zealand Rugby has recently confirmed that approximately NZ$25 million, or 50% of what is left of the forecasted Player Spend for the Association, will be frozen. This is in the wake of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak that has seen the sports sector brought to a screeching halt the ….

How Ryan Fox is Spending Lockdown

Golf is the latest sport to benefit from expert coaching tips during lockdown. In a video series put together by the New Zealand Sport Collective, Sky Sport Next, and Stuff, Ryan Fox is handing out hints and tips to better the time you’ll be spending on the greens when the ….